Crazy Coin Flip Live Strategy & Guide on Evolution Gaming 2023

Crazy Coin Flip Live

Evolution Crazy Coin Flip live has become popular in SouthEast Asia in recent years, you can hardly find people who don’t know about Evolution’s live casino game in 2023. You can see how the fans are enthusiastic about it by the number of active players. South East Asians, especially Filipinos, are crazy about this game.

Evolution live Crazy Coin Flip is a combination of slot and live casino game, categorized in the latter. It satisfies RNG game lovers and live dealer game enjoyers on perfect balance, but the game itself is locked in slot phase if you’re not lucky enough to collect at least 3 bonus game symbols. Activating the XXXtreme or Super XXXtreme Spin might accelerate the qualification round, but they cost 5 times and 50 times your base bet.

What players really want to know is the loss and gain of every phase, and we are here to break it down for you. Is XXXtreme Spin worth your investment? Does Top UP round profit? Which casino withdraws your thousands big win instantly? In this article, you’re going to find a beneficial guide and betting strategy to help you better understand and win.

What is Crazy Coin Flip Live by Evolution Gaming?

Evolution Gaming’s Crazy Coin Flip live is a hybrid of live casino (live dealer) and slot game. Not to be confused with the bonus game on EVO Crazy Time, which is also a coin flip. The game mentioned here is an independent, separated publishing and operating live game. They are very different on gameplays, but similar on the flipping machine and name. Crazy Time’s coin flip doesn’t have a specific name, plus the title of its original game, they are easily mixed up.

The game is sorted under the lobby’s ‘Game Shows’, or you can simply enter the room in ‘Top Games’, which is the default tab when you first enter the lobby. Evolution Crazy Coin Flip has various mechanisms, it will pop out a slider showing a simple tutorial before real play. This considerate function is skippable, but it won’t pop out again if you close the window. Sometimes, novices might feel uncertainty even reading through the slider, and the misunderstanding passes on to the point you consider yourself “experienced”.

Experience isn’t equivalent to expertness. We will not hesitate to share our information with you. You can certainly benefit from it.

How Do You Play Crazy Coin Flip?

Crazy Coin Flip Live by Evolution Gaming

Crazy Coin Flip features 3 phases: Qualification, Top Up and Coin Flip Bonus Round. You’re in the Qualification Phase when the game starts, and you probably will stay here for a while. It depends on which kind of spin you opt.

In the Qualification Phase, there are 3 kinds of spin to opt for. Normal Spin makes the phase a classic slot game, players have to collect a minimal of 3 scatter symbols to get into the bonus game (Top Up and Coin Flip). Some scatter symbols have their own multiplier, if you’re lucky enough to collect them, the multipliers will sum up to next phases.

Other 2 spins, XXXtreme Spin and Super XXXtreme Spin give you 1 and 2 fixed scatter symbols to accelerate this phase. They cost 5 times and 50 times your base bet. The base bet goes from 5-75,000 in Philippine peso, max payout for this game is 12,500,000 PHP. As for the RTPs, here’s what the official proclaims.

Normal Spin 96.05%
XXXtreme Spin 96.00%
Super XXXtreme Spin 96.05%
Top Up 95.06%

Top Up is an optional phase, meaning you can choose to participate in it or not. The phase is also a slot likewise game, equipped with two-colored (red and blue) coin symbols having various multipliers. Players are able to get extra multipliers collecting three same-colored coin symbols in the middle row. What Evolution yet interprets is that Top Up has unfixed spinning time, it depends on where the live show proceeds. The remaining time’s range is 40 seconds to 0, by 0 you’re automatically skipped from this phase.

Coin Flip Bonus Round is the core of Crazy Coin Flip Live, though this part does not last long. The multiplier values range from 5X up to 100X on both sides of the coin, red and blue. Like Top Up, Coin Flip Bonus Round is also common for all players. Player’s side of the coin is determined after the multipliers are distributed to both sides. The game host then pulls down a bar to flip the coin, players are able to catch the scene on live. When the side settles, all multipliers (Scatter multiplier, Top Up multipliers and Coin Flip multipliers) will be calculated together and displayed as your final multipliers.

Experienced players may encounter difficulties such as opting XXXtreme Spin or not, spinning Top Up or not. Questions can go very detailed and specific under relevant rules. To be able to answer them, we’ve interviewed 4 experts and calculated possible outcomes by collecting existing data. The most beneficial way to win Crazy Coin Flip turns out to be concise: don’t do the XXXtreme Spin.

Crazy Coin Flip Live Betting Strategy

Crazy Coin Flip Live Betting Strategy

Something to know beforehand: Qualification is private, the result and process are different from each other; Top Up and Coin Flip Bonus Round are common, you share the same process and results with others, but final multipliers are decided by your multipliers adding up. Knowing this fact, you must wonder if betting on Top Up is a right choice.

Long story short, it is if you’re able to spin at least one bonus multiplier on each side. Usually you’re safe to spin when the remaining time is more than 10 seconds, if the turbo is on. Always, always remember to turn the turbo on. Your bonus multi depends on it. The more you spin, the higher the chance to collect all three same-colored coin symbols. It’s simple math.

As for XXXtreme Spin and Super XXXtreme Spin, we recommend not enabling them. Apparent reasons as follow:

1. None of their RTPs exceed the normal spin, topmost to be equal.
2. The two spins increase your chance to get into Top Up or/and Coin Flip Bonus Round. Nothing is guaranteed.

Do you know about Murphy’s Law? Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Spin on Qualification for 100 times, the results might be the same. It’s a yes-no question, entering the next phase or not. Since you don’t get a promise pass, only 1 and 2 fixed scatter symbols are guaranteed, the result might turn out to be entirely different from your expectation.

Conclusion. To win Crazy Coin Flip, you must:

1. Apply normal spin
2. Enable turbo mode
3. Bet on Top Up if the remaining time is more than 10 seconds or skip it.

And one thing that most people flick away before they actually win: Play in a legit casino. Or else, after all the efforts spent on learning to win this game, the casino refuses to cash out for you, what do you do?

Play Crazy Coin Flip Live on Hawkplay Casino

Play Crazy Coin Flip Live on Hawkplay Casino

Hawkplay is a PAGCOR licensed Philippine online casino that once cashed out 25,000,000 pesos on a baccarat win. The player played Evolution Baccarat and won a total of 25,000,000 pesos, paying out his son’s hospital bills afterwards. He’s a Hawkplay Agent now.

Hawkplay Casino as Evolution Gaming’s cooperate partners, is fully authorized to provide their games. Crazy Coin Flip, Live Lightning Roulette, Live Lightning Dice, and many more live casino games for you to discover. Besides those, online slots, online fishing, bingo, Sabong, sports betting, poker are available too.

This casino runs promotions and free bonuses on a daily basis, there’s live sweepstakes on their Facebook as well. You can take advantage of the comps given and utilize them on Crazy Coin Flip Live. It’s considered free if you use the rewards to win the game. Hawkplay supports GCash, GrabPay and banks. Members get their winnings right about 5 minutes or less. Join Hawkplay and flip that coin, now!

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Yes. RTP that reaches over 90% is considered high. Crazy Coin Flip has 96.05% RTP on regular spin, making it easy to win.

Yes it is. All Evolution’s games are RNG tested and certified by third-party labs. You are able to see how the coin flips from the live video, the camera’s focus on this part tightly.

Crazy Coin Flip Live is a live game, which means it’s a real-time stream where participating players share the same results. However, the game consists of a RNG phase (slot machine), so it’s not until you’ve finished the phase to enter the common part – Coin Flip Bonus Round.

Because Hawkplay is simply the best online casino in the Philippines. It owns various gambling games, constantly holds events, pays out promptly, and is legally operated. Benefits players care about are in place, and it did charity to help poor Filipino children. Why not?

You absolutely can. It’s not against the terms of use universally. Try your luck on Hawkplay and see if you like it or not.