Evolution Gaming Live Game Shows Overview

Evolution Gaming Live Casino Game Shows

What’s an Evolution live game show? Let’s get to know the Evolution Gaming Group before understand it!

Evolution Gaming is a leading casino game supplier that was founded in Europe and registered on the live dealer platform as early as 2006. It won the First International Industry Awards just four years after its establishment, which propelled it to lightning-fast success and put the gaming company in the public eye. Evolution Gaming also carries players’ expectations and has launched several live game shows such as Crazy Time, Live Lightning Roulette, Live Lighting Dice, and other new games.

After conducting a series of interviews and surveys, our team found that what players want most is an introduction to the game, rather than information about the license a casino holds and their RNG testing. Therefore, we will focus on introducing the above three live game shows so that you can not only follow this new trend but also increase your chances of winning!

What are some of Evolution Gaming’s most popular live action games? How do you sign up and play? These are the questions that players are dying to know, and we’ll answer them in this article.

Evolution Gaming Live Game Shows Review

Evolution Gaming Live Game Shows Review

Evolution Gaming, as a prominent figure in casino gaming, is highly innovative. Far from basking in the glory of its early success, Evolution Gaming has created unique live game shows that stand out in the field of casino games. The real-time live broadcasting and the charm of professional hosts bring players an enjoyable atmosphere, making them feel as if they are watching an entertaining TV show. Since then, gambling has been spiced up. It’s hard to find an online casino that doesn’t collaborate with such an innovative, premium gaming provider.

These are the three features that make Evolution Gaming stand out from others:
1. Originality
All live game shows are made by Evolution Gaming’s original twist on existing classic gameplay, making the game better with even higher odds.
2. Device Compatibility
No matter whether you are playing through a PC, pad or mobile phone, you will get a smooth gaming experience.
3. The Host
Each live casino game show is like an entertainment show you watch on your TV. The host is talkative, humorous, and professionally trained. Players can easily follow their rhythm and never get bored.

Most of the EVO games discussed by players on social platforms these days revolve around live Crazy Time, live Lightning Roulette, and live Lightning Dice. Below, our team will introduce you to the highlights of these three games. Whether you have actually played them or not, our accompanying articles will make you feel like you are there.

Evolution Live Crazy Time

OMG! Crazy Time by Evolution Gaming is such a hit and a fun game that even our team got addicted to it while trying it. Although it may look like a stand-alone game, it’s actually a combination of four different mini-games, including Cash Hunt, Coin Flip, Pachinko, and Crazy Time. There’s nothing like that perfect four-in-one experience!

1. Cash Hunt (5000X)

Cash Hunt

Shifting our attention to a large electronic wall of 108 grids, from which players can pick a favorite symbol, each representing a different bonus multiplier.

2. Coin Flip (5000X)

Coin Flip

At this time, the screen returns to the machine next to Cash Hunt – the coin bounce machine. When the host presses the button, the central coin will bounce into the air, and the landing side is the multiplier you can win.

3. Pachinko (10000X)


Pachinko, a game from Japan, will be featured in this section, even if it lands in a lower power zone, don’t worry. A “rescue throw’” can be triggered, you may ask the host to throw again.

4. Crazy Time (20000X)

Crazy Time

The essence of this game is all concentrated in this small game, where players can get super bonuses that is big enough to make their life comfortable from the second they win. Players must choose three colors, green, blue, and yellow before the game starts, and when the skyscraper-like roulette stops spinning, your high multiplier will be released.

Want to be the next 20000X crazy multiplier winner? Check out the details of the game and its winning strategies: Crazy Time Casino Game by Evolution Gaming – The Beginner’s Guide in 2023

Evolution Live Lightning Roulette

This game through the participation of the host and the improvement of the rules, now the classic roulette market has been completely carried away by it. In the past, classic roulette was a game depending on luck, and all you could do was pray that the ball on the table would roll to where you had placed your bet; To put it bluntly, it’s boring, it’s not exciting, and it’s not very productive (if you want to win a lot of money.)

Evolution live Lightning Roulette, with the funny host and high-odds lightning play, has successfully overcome these shortcomings and brought roulette back to life. We believe that no one would dare to call roulette boring when Evolution Gaming has such an upgrade version of this game.

We will briefly go through the live Lightning Roulette:

1. General Bet (1X~29X)

General Bet

General Bets are the bets that would appear in a classic roulette, both “Inside Bets” and “Outside Bets”. Inside Bets are placed on the wall of the TV behind the host, and players can place bets through a bottom of the screen, with the result revealed after a 20-second.

2. Lightning bet (50X~500X)

Lightning bet

When the host pulled down the TV wall next to the switch, the most exciting and fun lightning play began! All the numbers on the TV wall will disappear, and there will be one to five suspension boards. The virtual gambling table below will also synchronously appear with lightning effects, and three seconds later, the number of lightning and random multiplier. Up to 500X!

Live Lightning Roulette’s odds are lower than Crazy Time’s, but its game pace is very fast, with a lucky winner in 30 seconds on average. Want a stable win from this game? Check out this full guide: Evolution Gaming Live Lightning Roulette Full Instruction: Rules Review and Tips

Evolution Live Lightning Dice

Evolution live Lightning Dice emphasizes simplicity, speed and high magnification. Relatively speaking, it is you can be luckier in this game than live Lightning Roulette. It has the same “lightning play” as roulette, but the difference is that in this game, lightning only hits 2 to 4 betting parties, and the multiplier range is from 5X to 1000X, so luck has a greater impact.

Live Lightning Dice is very similar to Sic Bo, both of them are determined by the number of dice. But the game is simpler. There are no complicated game rules. All you have to do is guess, bet, and win big!

1. General Bet (2X~150X)

General Bet

In particular, the game has a game history for you to review. You can see the results of the previous games in the bottom right corner of the screen, and many players use this to increase their chances of winning. With only 13 seconds each round, the pace of the game is faster than Sic Bo and Live Lightning Roulette. It also owns up to a 150X multiplier.

2. Lightning Bet (5X~1000X)

Lightning Bet

The reason why live Lightning Dice is so fascinating is the amazing return on investment! Lightning will hit two to four numbers before the dice fall on the Pachinko table, and provide a 5X to 1000X multiplier. Win or lose, are all depends on this moment!

If you want to make easy money in this game, this brief introduction may not be enough. It may seem simple, but winning every round requires a lot more strategy and mental toughness. Want to learn more? Check on this article: Lightning Dice by Evolution Gaming: Review Game & Betting Strategy

Sign Up to Play Evolution Live Game Shows

Evolution Gaming is not an online casino. Players cannot deposit, play or withdraw money directly on its website. It is a “live video game” and in order to bet real money, players must register with an online casino they work with.

How to sign up at an online casino?

Basically all you have to do is the following steps, and it is almost the same process in every online casino.

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How to choose an online casino?

Choosing the right online casino to play is something way more important than you think. If you fail into a scamming or phishing website, your identity may leak and you can also lose all your money.

  • With Evolution live game shows
  • Without corporation with Evolution Gaming: not available to the above-mentioned three games
  • Security
  • Make sure it owns a legal certificate to operate
  • At least 128- bit encryption
  • Bonus
  • Should have multiple promotions
  • Need qualification to get a free bonus
  • Any recommendation?

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    Yes, Evolution Gaming is accredited by nearly 50 organizations and certifications, Such as ADM (L’Agenzia delle Dogane e dei Monopoli), DGOJ (Direccion General de Ordenacion del Juego), ISO 27001:2013.

    Unlike video games, live-action casino games are invariably not free to play.

    Partly yes, partly no. But Crazy Time, Lightning Roulette, and Lightning Dice are all open 24/7.

    Evolution Gaming does have slot machines, but they are all launched as sub-brands as NetEnt, Red Tiger, and Big Time Gaming (BTG).